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RHEL 6 uses python 2.6
Yum (package management) is written in Python. RedHat can not work without that v of Python

RHEL 6 is going EOL 11/30/2020

-> You need a way to run Python 3.x without affecting the system's version.
-> Any Python package you add, you need to be sure it sees the python 3.x version rather than the system version. I ran in to this several times, ended up with Py2.6 compatible packages installed regardless.


This is a good reason to use virtual environments when developing in Python. Along with several other good side effects, a virtual environment ensures that code is executed with the version of python you intend. It also attaches any modules installed with pip to that version of Python.

See scriptingwithpython.com/setting-up... for more info.

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