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hey Jan! this post has be very helpful to me in the past and I've come back to it again and again every time I needed a refresher.
however I found a slight issue with the map function, the rest of the functions return a new Stream but map doesn't, and I understand that map along with any other function would result in a working piece of code, but map itself is not chain-able.
Am I missing some crucial information? I'm not super familiar with TypeScript but the compiled JS code would not allow for multiple map functions to be chained here.


Sorry for the confusion, I did not mention that map has to be adjusted accordingly. I've added a paragraph that clarifies this.


no worries! thanks for clarifying..
I've been using some of the code examples on one of my side project github.com/tauseefk/1984-IRL

Yeah, I saw the attribution. Just a side note, the fn does not take an observable. It takes a plain value (states otherwise in the docs for map and filter)

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