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Discussion on: Which JavaScript framework should I choose?

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Tayamba Mwanza

I've found that I prefer Angular, once you've gotten past the learning curve and feel comfortable with it it's hard to use anything else because it provides so much out of the box.

When it comes to Angular cli, it's second to none.

E.g angular cli commands:

ng update (updates your angular projects dependancies and automatically fixes outdated code)

ng add (automatically add 3rd party library and configurations)

I can say ng add pwa and it will automatically set up my app as a progressive web app

So at this stage I'm very happy with Angular and it's about to get a big performance boost and better error messaging.

I'm not saying Vue is bad though, I like it as well. It's just that Angular is my favorite.

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Is this Angular > 1? I really only have experience with the original angular. I do like that the newer Angular uses typescript though.

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Tayamba Mwanza

Yes that's right Angular 2+