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Hey Brian,

Great post! I'm curious if you know of (or have written) any good resources for testing extensions as you build them. So far, this has been my biggest hurdle with extension development

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hey Tanner,

My bad for the very delayed response. I haven't dug deep into doing this just yet but when I do I'll be using John Papa's VS Code extension, Peacock, as a reference: github.com/johnpapa/vscode-peacock


Oh, that's a great repo for really exploring what you can do! I've now built a few internal extensions for my company and have yet to add tests to them (TDD is my jam, so this is a sad thing for me). Time to go back and add in tests! Thanks a lot!

Wow, exactly what I was looking for as well. I wasn't sure how to go about testing an extension! Thanks!

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