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Discussion on: Using Chromium to replace Electron Applications

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Erick Rodriguez


I will give my reasons why:

  1. Chromium does not have access to creating services. Yes, you can put a fancy page as an "APP".
  2. Chromium does not have the capability to listen to ports, create services, like http/s, sockets, or perform asynchronous filesystem operations.
  3. What you are considering is PWA's that interact with third-party services. Electron uses Chromium + node.js to create standalone applications that go beyond showing pretty HTML.
  4. Chromium can't build: There are cases that standalone Electron applications build stuff to be consumed by other apps. Chromium only consumes JS and can't export data that might not be used by other apps. Electron can incorporate node-gyp to allow you to extend the field of operations of your app, like exporting out of the box binary files to another application (like importing/exporting assets to a photoshop file)
  5. Chromium is a consumer: it does not build anything on the backend as a standalone application.

I am sorry to say your article is biased. Electron is super capable to create powerful desktop applications that go beyond HTML/CSS/JS in the frontend.