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Some Process to Speed Up Laravel Application

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It is very important for every website to quick load that means your website should load in few seconds like 4 or 5. We are always fetching issues about page speed like how to increase website speed in laravel, how to reduce loading time of website in laravel, is it possible speed up php execution time of my website, how to optimize php laravel script to increase speed, how to speed up web browsing in laravel. So basically you have several question regarding to improve your website performance in laravel 6, laravel 7 and laravel 8.

However, There are several composer packages available for increase website page speed in php laravel. So here i found "laravel-page-speed" composer package for 35%+ optimization of your website.

laravel-page-speed package will minify HTML output and it can be optimization your web page. laravel-page-speed package will delete unused attributes in HTML tags, delete unused quotes in HTML tags, delete unused prefixes from URLs, delete unused whitespace in HTML, delete HTML comments. Also there are several feature. They also minify css and minify js files. There are several things done with this page and i am sure it make better performance at it was before.

Some Process to Speed Up Laravel Application

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