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Discussion on: Always do these 16 things when you're taking screening calls with recruiters

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Eliot Sanford Author

Valid point. I'm going to include this point. I usually do wait to send the word doc after that sort of discussion takes place.

I like this thinking though because yes, you want to keep control of your resume. You certainly want to seek feedback from your recruiter about what they would like to see in resume.

From what I've heard, most recruiters do this whether a pdf or a word doc copy is sent. After a discussion and questioning, they build a summary and/or update the resume on their end with information that would be relevant to the hiring manager. Employers often want the resume reformatted in a standard way into their document template. I've never been involved in that process, but that's what I've heard from senior recruiters on social and personally.

Good call out. Thanks, Corey.