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Michael Lustig -

I've been really inspired to start diving deeper into understanding the awesome technologies we get to use on a daily basis and to help others understand as well. I always have loved making videos and teaching, but just never was disciplined enough to edit the videos to where they're short enough to easily consume nor did I want to take the time to write good blog posts.

I finally decided I was going to better across the board, and so I'm building a tool that's going to help me simultaneously write the blog post, create the video, timestamp everything, and spit out some commands with ffmpeg to cut up the video into clips as well as to edit down the original video.

Really excited about it and will be blogging about it and of course, developing it as open source software. If anyone's interested, the young codebase is here: and I'll be posting a blog explaining how things work (using the app itself!) shortly!