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re: I agree with you on the interview process. On the other hand, this question is great to start a conversation on why old-school JavaScript is bad -...

Every tool has its uses.

I started my career in Android land which, at the time, requires lots of ceremonial boilerplate to get things going.

Kotlin is a huge improvement. That’s besides the point

I’ve now been working with React and React Native professionally for a couple years and really have become enamored with the ease of iteration.

As an independent developer, shlopping JSON around the application and perhaps providing some required props here and there is all I’ve really needed. We don’t need statically typed languages to write mobile applications.

Would they have helped on some crazy debugging issues I’ve had? Absolutely.

Should I have gone through the hassle of adding another layer of abstraction just because they essentially give me better warnings? Jury is still out. For me personally, I don’t think so.

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