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Discussion on: I need your help putting together a curriculum.

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In addition to Justin's great suggestions (I'm going through the Odin project myself!), You can also check out Fullstack Open.

For projects to build, take a look at Frontend Mentor.

I also really enjoyed Frontend Master's Frontend Web Development roadmaps/handbooks, they've got tons of both free and paid resources to learn from.

If you're wondering which language to learn, definitely start with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS (via FreeCodeCamp and The Odin Project, then branch out from there. People generally pick up a framework like React, but look at the kind of companies and jobs you want, and decide which tools will make you most marketable. Of course, you can pick up whatever makes most sense to you - do what works best for you.

That's quite a bit of resources and courses, but you don't always have to stick with one. I personally find learning from different resources can help, because you'll see different examples and different ways of explaining, so you don't get stuck.

Excited to follow you on this journey!