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Discussion on: The Bus Factor

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Ted Fernandes

Good topic Luke Bearl.
I really liked this post.

The idea of documentation is crucial on a organization.
Many people don't like it. But it's important.

It ends up being more important to ourselves.

Another technique that can help reduce the bus factor, is "Parity". Working in pairs can help reduce this bus factor.

Sometimes it seems wasteful of resources, having two people in one task. But for critical cases it's worth it.

Recently, I wrote about the common mistakes people make on the daily scrum.
Take a look at this:

I hope you like it. And maybe it will help with a good communication on your team work. Communication is crucial.

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Luke Bearl Author

Hi Ted, very good points. I agree that every team should look at every technique that they can to see if there is anything out there that will work well for that team in order to reduce the reliance on a few people.

I enjoyed your article on issues with daily scrum as well :).