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Discussion on: Scrum is Easy

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Ted Fernandes

Nice post Eljay.

I also share the same opinion.
The scrum is not difficult. Scrum is easy to understand.

But, the implementation is complicated. It requires involvement of each member of a particular team.

Recently I posted an article about the most common errors in the daily scrum.
Take a look.

I hope you like it.

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Eljay-Adobe Author

Thank you Ted. :-) I enjoyed your article on the common errors in the daily Scrum meeting.

I find that the daily Scrum stand-up meeting is invaluable if the team is working on a feature together. Trying -- as a team -- to get the feature completed, as in "done-done, stick a fork in it... ship it!"

That kind of daily Scrum stand-up meeting works to keep the team focused on getting to the finish line. And is invaluable because the team is working to coordinate where some area needs more attention, and what's has made progress such that previously blocked tasks can be tackled.

On the flipside, I find that the daily Scrum stand-up meeting is nigh worthless if the "team" is not working on a feature together. They're not a team, they are basically a bunch of separate teams (which each team having exactly 1 team member), coming together to give a status report to the Scrum Master. The sniff-test to see that it's not useful to the attendees is because no one much cares what the other attendees progress is... because everyone is working on separate and independent features. How would such a team end up being split up to work on separate features?

One possibility is that the Scrum Master did not champion the team being self-organizing, and other forces pigeoned hole each team member into separate feature work. Another possibility is that the "corporate antibodies" eliminated the Scrum Master position, so there is no Scrum process champion and defender... which had the same outcome. Let alone if the team members are working on separate products, in which case team cohesion has been completely compromised. I've seen all scenarios happen at different companies.

The daily Scrum stand-up meeting ought to be by the team, for the team, because the team is working together on a feature. One feature at a time. (Assuming team-sized sprint-sized feature work, rather than a featurette that is so small it can be done by one person in a few hours.)