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Discussion on: 31 Front-End Development Study Topics to Improve Your Code Quality

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  • The nitty gritty details about script loading order: inline scripts vs external scripts, synchronous loaded vs async loaded scripts, deferred scripts, and adding scripts programmatically later to the DOM (there be dragons)
  • the difference between ES5 and ES6 and how to transpile
  • ES5 fallback scripts with nomodule and ES6 module-based scripts.
  • automated polyfills: what can do for you? how to use corejs together with babel to automatically add needed polyfills?
  • bundling: what is the difference between a webApplication bundle and a library bundle? How to exclude dependecies in the latter case.
  • package.json: differences between dependencies, devDependencies, peerDependencies
  • module formats in js: commonJS vs UMD vs AMD vs ES6
  • learning why the IIFE pattern is relevant
  • Events in the UI: bubbling vs capturing phase and why it matters sometimes
  • Why e.stopPropagation breaks other components, and e.preventDefault is the way to go.
  • how the css property display: contents allows you to include wrappers for elements without destroying layouts that rely on direct-parent-child: like the flexbox
  • how the stacking-context allows you to never again need the z-index arms race with z-index: 999999; and the likes.
  • onBlur where will the focus go next? nice to know the FocusEvent.relatedTarget