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what a pointless article. also what is wrong with CPAN other than 'oh no its Perl'?


Yup, the article is so pointless it is really amazing why the author wants to waste our time. He is evidently a rails guy, so he never used ruby because of ruby. These people only harm a community since they are language hoppers. Hopping to other better languages is great, but a click bait such as "stop using ruby" is utter PR trash. I used ruby before rails, I still use ruby and I fail to see why I should move to another language. What for, anyway? Ruby achieves precisely what I need from a programming language, so why should I stop it? That is just so stupid from the author.

The author writes crap such as:

What this tends to mean in practice is that dynamic typing leads
to subtle bugs because the wrong object is in the wrong place
at the wrong time.

I have been using ruby since almost 20 years and I can happily say that this does not happen. There are no "subtle bugs".

Of course it makes a difference if you design a COMPLEX and COMPLICATED system. Don't do that. Stay simple. Stay elegant. Don't use every random feature because you are just an incompetent person who should not program.

I do not have "subtle bugs". I know what the code does, and the code ensures that what it does works. Input is checked; output is checked. All of this works without (!) having to write a SINGLE test. I don't test my code - and my code still works without a problem. (I actually do test the END functionality, so that when I rewrite a project after, say, 10 years, I do not forget some functionality that once worked. So I do still write tests for the overall COMPONENTS, but not individual shit such as unit tests - that would be totally pointless).

The author is just too clueless to write such articles.

Then he writes crap like this:

Let's get this out there first of all. Ruby is slow.

If you compare ruby to python, perl, php, then ruby is NOT slow. In fact, it has become much faster than before too. Ruby 3 is right now 1.8 times faster than ruby 2.0; and that does not yet include MJIT optimized to its fullest. Either way this is comparable to the other "scripting" languages, so what is this author's problem? The same applies to the others too, so ...

What the actual fudge.

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