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Discussion on: How do you stay motivated for the entirety of your project?

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temmyraharjo • Edited on

Breakdown all your requirements into small piece of module. Do the small task and celebrate if it finished. This will helps you to stay focus and determined. Do not overthinking.

And, the most important thing is rest. Your time is not only spend in work because we are all human. :)

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Baruch Hen Author

I definitely find myself at times where I "overdo it" without noticing. I need to get better at pacing myself so that I don't pull all-nighters and then lose motivation for the next day 😅.

I'm going to try and create a mini "scum board" and break down my tasks to more digestible ones. It's a bit harder when you are the only developer on the project (for now 😉)

Cheers 😄