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re: I had this same experience, but the other way around with Vue. I was like "Why not just use React?"

Personally I'm in love with Vue.js for three reasons:
•Easy learning curve
•Elegant programming style and patterns
•Good documentation

I know that companies use most React but I hope that in the near future they will migrate into Vue.js


I’ve never used Vue.js before but I’m interested to at least try building a small project with it one day.

Any thoughts on what a React developer should look out for when trying to learn Vue?

It's way more opinionated. Like, they have their own routing solution, global state management, etc...

You can use JSX with Vue, actually. I found that out reading the
docs. But, it takes some configuration.

Ah, I see. Thank you for the reply.

I probably will use whatever is the default in Vue just to steer away from React for awhile; so no JSX unless that’s what the community think Vue should be written in.

I read that Angular is opinionated as well. I know it’s difficult to gauge level of opinionativeness, but do you happen to know how Vue compares to Angular in terms of opinions?

Not sure, I haven't touched Angular enough to make the comparison.

I see.

That’s okay. Thank you for the reply.

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