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Code quality is infinitely more valuable than code quality. Indonr see how touch typing is relevant at all but I might be missing something. Most the time coding should be thinking and designing not typing. Typing is kind of a small part of it.


I'll admit that when I'm coding, no-look typing is probably more of a "nice to have" than a necessity. I say this because most coders spend the vast majority of their day reading code (and, obviously, understanding it) rather than typing code.

But I definitely would not say that "touch typing" is irrelevant. Most coders still spend a good portion of their time (too much time) doing "other" things on a keyboard - writing emails, specs, chat conversations, etc. Touch typing allows me to crank out a high volume of detailed info in an incredibly short period of time.

Even when I'm doing "pure" coding, sometimes it's incredibly valuable to never have to look at the keyboard. You know those periods - when you know exactly what you need to crank out and you're "in the zone". During those times, I find it incredibly useful to be able to get all those digital characters on the screen without ever having to look back at my keyboard.


once you get used to not looking down at all whiel typing, you almost forget the keyboard is even there and focus on what's on the screen and on your own thougts, which to me seems very helpful in staying focused on the important parts of programming: the logic. Sometimes I even close my eyes for a few seconds while typing to structure my thoughts into something I can actually turn into code (or words, when I'm writing prose)

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