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Discussion on: I want to learn a new programming language. What should I learn?

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Tetri Mesquita

python 🐍

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James Thomson

This is next on my list to learn as well. From the little bits that I've read it has a lot of similar concepts as JS which helps with the learning curve.

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Nested Software

Yup. I think for things like AI and machine learning, Python is the way to go. I don't know much about robotics. I would expect that you can probably use Python libraries for that too, thought you may wind up having to learn some C at some point as well for lower-level stuff.

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You could definitely use python to control a microcontroller like Arduino and as far as low level stuff python allows for c extensions to be included so it's definitely a good choice

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MicroPython might be the answer here, it has support for ESP8266 Aarduino) and ESP32 (Arduino with built in WiFi) chipsets.

So having learnt python OP would be able to leverage the ai and machine learning libraries or use off the shelf microcontrollers.

Edit: docs :

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Travis Sturzl

I work at a robotics company. All the control systems are written in C++, and then the robotics code is a mix of python and C++. Used to work at an ML company and all the data scientists used python.