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Intro to web dev lesson 1A - HTML

This course is completely free and will be free forever. It takes a bit of time to prepare and support, so if you'd like to contribute, you can do so at Any contribution helps!

Welcome! This is the first email in a series of emails designed to prepare you for a career in web development. No previous experience necessary.

More about me.

About the course: The course is primarily designed to teach you to how to research for yourselves. Everything you need is already freely available, but a push in the right direction is always necessary. That said, I'll be giving you tasks, as well as required reading that will give you a background on what you're supposed to accomplish for each task. I am intentionally not giving you everything you need. You'll have to google a lot. But the information is out there, and I am available for questions! Just reply to the thread if you need help. By the end of this course, you will be ready for a career in web development.

** LESSON 1 **

Prerequisites: Make an account on


Complete: Use the html panel in codepen to create a resume. Try to ensure the document outline is as valid as possible. Codepen includes the

tags for you, but read up on their purpose. Do not add any styling or style tags to the HTML. We're only looking for a valid, symantec, accessible document outline.

Respond: Reply to the email with a link to the completed task (a codepen link) and a brief summary of what you've learned about HTML, as well as what you're going to be studying / reading before the next lesson.

Notes: MDN and Stackoverflow are your friends. If you have a question, google it. Everything you ever need to know about web development is on the internet for free.

Lesson 2 will go out next week

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