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5 Reasons You need a Career Coach!

It's no secret- Tech is growing faster than ever. With more and more developers being added to the talent pool, how can you make sure you stand out from the rest? Here are 5 ways a professional career coach can help to improve your chances at getting hired.

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  1. You get professional advice that's tailored just for you

    General career advice can only get you so far. An outside perspective from a professional, however, can help identify your blind spots, pinpoint your strengths, and give you valuable feedback that you can take with you forever. Online career blogs can’t tell you how to apply catch-all tips with your specific background, skill set and personality in mind. You might be surprised to learn a few things outside of what you hear on blogs and twitter.

  2. Someone to hold you accountable

    If you’re in the middle of a job search, the process can be long and exhausting. You need someone to be with you along the way, pushing you to keep going no matter how difficult things might seem. As they say, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You also need someone to identify what can help you excel and elevate your skills everyday. Web development evolves faster than most industries but you can insure yourself by hiring a personal coach, giving you insider tips and knowledge handpicked to match your career goals.

  3. Connect your skill set to the right opportunity

    Whether you’re just starting your career in tech, in a mid-senior level, or just looking to “re-charge”, navigating and defining your path can be overwhelming. There are plenty of possible tracks to take and multiple areas to tackle. Having a coach can help you find your niche and determine your specialization, so that you can narrow your search down to your interest, getting you close to landing your dream job.

  4. Save you time and effort

    Skip the easy mistakes by learning from someone who's already been in your position! A coach dedicated to providing you tips and learnings based on what other people have experienced can save you time and money. Yes, mistakes are often part of career development, but there are plenty that you don't want to make, hidden along the career path. A good career coach will illuminate these areas for you, so you can reach your full potential.

  5. Develop your long-term career roadmap

    It’s easy to get comfortable once you have landed a good job. Don’t fall into a complacency trap. Stay motivated! Developing both short- and long-term career roadmaps can help you stay focused, hone your skills and stand out. Whether you could use more interview prep, refine your resume, or start a strong career roadmap, a coach can amplify those solutions for you.

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