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"Writing CSS is really simple and straightforward" = BS.

CSS is getting better but it is still a mess. Brower compatibility probs, compiler-generated CSS, resets, browser pre-fixes, box type, and old legacy days from when they let print designer sit at the table to develop specs...

Oh ya and silly issues reading selector from right to left when we read it top to bottom and the browser typically reads everything else from start to finish . . . etc etc.

CSS is almost as much of a mess as JavaScript.


This article deals with the basics of how we write CSS (selectors and properties concept) and how to write flexible and scalable CSS, not browser compatibility issues, CSS compilers, vendor prefixes, etc.


I wasn't saying anything like that. I'm just saying that CSS is not simple and straightforward anymore. I still enjoyed your article though and look forward to seeing another.

Thank you for clarifying and I'm glad you've enjoyed the article.

CSS indeed had a messy history and the syntax suffered for it, but it keeps improving year after year.

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