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I really love this post. I consider myself a very passionate dev, but have found that sometimes if that passion is indulged TOO much (ie... spending every waking moment coding) it can actually backfire and dev burnout is a very real thing. I've also come to find that many of us are always coding in some fashion even when not overtly doing it; when I'm out hiking or otherwise have removed myself from my computer, I find that my mind starts to meditate on whatever challenge I've been working on and I end up with creative solutions I likely wouldn't have thought up if I had just stayed in the "silo". Sort of relates to what a lot of senior devs have told me throughout the years, which is that often times the best approach is to think more and code less.

It's easy to feel guilty about not constantly coding, especially if you work with someone who is that sort of obsessive dev. It helps to remind yourself that we all bring different things to the table and what works for one person will not necessarily work for others; the journey to knowing all the things will be different for all of us, and that's very much ok.

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