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Add initial testing to Camunda with Spring Boot πŸƒ

Let's add a test to our application so that we don't have to confirm things like the User Task manually! As well as some assertions to know what got executed and what not.

Here you can find the code for this chapter under the git tag chapter-2.

For doing the assertions we need:

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And there is our final happyPath test which goes through all we did from the last article automatically! πŸ€—

class MainDelegateTest {

    @Autowired private RuntimeService runtimeService;

    @Autowired private ManagementService managementService;

    ProcessInstance pi;

    public void beforeEach() {
        pi = runtimeService.startProcessInstanceByKey(

    public void happyPath() {

    private ProcessInstanceAssert completeTask() {
        return assertThat(pi);
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loanApproval is from loanApproval.bpmn which you can find inside the Camunda Modeler when nothing is selected πŸ–ΌοΈ

complete(task()) are two static functions which are doing the clicking on Complete part from the last article for you πŸ€–

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