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Discussion on: Do you copy and paste code from Stack Overflow?

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Thalles Henrique • Edited

Stack Overflow teached me why newcomers in a programming language should hear that advice they hate the most: "read the documentation". When my current project started, the team haven't any knowledge about Python, Django and how the legacy application we would develop modules work. Well, we decided to only read few slides about Django, tried to implement a basic test module, and started the development of real modules. And the code was a complete mess! Without the proper knowledge, we ended doing most things using Django template without need, making so much templates, views and forms and polluting all the code. All the time we don't know how to do a specific thing, we tried to "adapt" something from Stack Overflow. Until the time I become tired of the answers there, and the lack of practice of some of them, which become more like reinvent the wheel to do relatively simple things. So I finally decided to follow the old advice from college teachers... And after reading Django documentation (finding there methods which would be useful), I finally could get ride of that ugly cluttered templates, "dry" my so long code, and getting things done in a more simply and more understandable way. And with this, I could not only wrote a better code, but a more rich documentation as well.

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