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Thalles Henrique

Hello everyone! I'm an I.T. student who lives at Monteiro, state of Paraíba, Brazil. I'll finish my college next year, on Systems Analysis and Development, but, like almost everyone who are graduating on the same college, even recognizing the importance of both on software development, I prefer programming over systems analysis (doing UML diagrams, writing use cases, defining business rules, and so on). Because I love thinking about graphical interfaces, my favorite part of development is doing the front-end. Actually, I can write programs in Java, Python (Django) and JavaScript (worked with PHP but I'm forgetting it because it had some time) and now I'm learning Spring Boot and Angular, but have interest to learn other languages and frameworks, too. On my vacant hours, my favorite hobby is to change the UI of my Galaxy S7, with themes, icon packs, launchers and widgets (I used to install custom ROMs on my previous devices too).
About the question, when I'm home, I'm so lazy. When I take a bath, switch my clothes, drink my coffee and go to the college, a "trigger" is activated on my brain and I finally feel ready to work. Even on start of graduation, I always tried to do my projects on college laboratory or library. So, if I can choose, I would prefer work on an office.