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Discussion on: We're the core maintainers of Storybook, Ask Us Anything!

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Ben Wolman

Hello! Thanks for your time.

What commonly-used web development tools or processes is Storybook intended to replace, if any?

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Norbert de Langen Ask Me Anything

For me personally it replaces a TON of developing inside the App itself. It's will not replace that workflow ever I think, but it's a great companion.

Your App often is just not well suited for exploring components and developing them.

That being said, a lot of people use Storybook for documentation.
So it can replace a whole bunch of documentation tools. In fact this is one area I want to expand Storybook in the coming weeks.

I'll be working full-time and make a fantastic docs-view inside storybook itself!

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Daniel Duan Ask Me Anything • Edited on

I think the exciting thing about Storybook is that it doesn't really replace any one thing.

As frontend architecture gets more and more complicated and modularized, there has been a need to develop components independently and perhaps publish and demo as a reusable NPM package.

Component package maintainers previously had to spend time to setup their own development environment, mess with webpack, and structure the app to display different components in a meaningful way. They then have to figure out a way to create a static build to create a demo.

Storybook is able to provide all those features without starting from scratch, saving developers time and effort.

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Dan Green

For Wave, we have many important components that are only visible in the middle of a process that is short lived and time consuming to reproduce (i.e. a loading screen that only shows while a user is having their payment account setup). Before storybook, we didn't have a good way to work on these components and were forced to temporary hacks in order to make them visible. Now, with storybook we have an isolated place to easily work on them, which has the bonus feature of being easily accessible for designers and PMs. It also makes it really easy for us to show of these states in sprint demos.