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Just a question!
Does google have to pay Oracle for using java or not in android?
Btw nice article


Well that's a separate story :D, and a separate lawsuit which is still not settled.


That's why Google is pushing kotlin ,maybe.

Kotlin needs a JVM underneath, though.

On Android it doesn't use JVM, but their own implementation ART (and DVM, formerly). The Java bytecode is transpiled during build to ART bytecode (btw I'm not an Android dev, so this might be a huge simplification).

But I think the whole lawsuit is about Android API being basically Java. It's not that like they said "you can write your Android applications in Java", it's "we have here a very familiar SDK that you can write your Android applications in, as easy as Java" :D


The Oracle lawsuit is about the APIs, not Java nor the JVM per se. Android doesn't run java, but the original Dalvik VM offered an API that very closely matched the Java one, even if the target object code was for a totally different platform.
The core fact that Oracle affirms is that an API is copyrightable, and that the copyright holder can block a use of it.

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