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Discussion on: Resume Pro Tip: The absolute best way to show your work experience

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Kody James Ague

This felt like the most important line in the whole write-up, which may be while you made it bold? :)

"don't tell me what you did, tell me what you accomplished."

If you ask yourself this question every time before you add something to your CV or Resume I think you'd be doing yourself a favor. Framing your content in this way makes it much more appealing to read. You're right on too, numbers DO make it more interesting and readable.

Thanks for sharing Carlos!

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Carlos Roso Author

Yeah exactly! To be honest, it hit home to me when I first read it. I've used that technique a lot in my career, has worked wonders.

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Robin A Blair

I wonder if this would be as effective if everyone was doing it? Still a bit better perhaps, but not as much I'd guess. Hundreds of resumes with 'my code made projects 3x faster/cheaper' will all look largely the same. Side note - where this really helps the world is if you ask in project meetings 'how will we measure the effectiveness of this code/plan?'

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Carlos Roso Author • Edited

The problem is not all resumes looking the same. I'd recommend just making sure yours looks truly awesome. Don't care about the rest, you can't control that. You can be great without necessarily requiring others to be bad.