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Discussion on: How did you learn how to code?

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Ali Ilman

So my journey started back in 2014. I first learned on KhanAcademy, which I soon fell out of favour with as I didn’t really feel I was growing my skill set as I felt the courses there aren’t for me.

Then, I discovered Codecademy. I first learned JS, then HTML & CSS. Believe it or not, my fear of feeling like a cheater prevented me from browsing StackOverflow, which sort of hampered my progress. I learned on Codecademy on-and-off for a few years until 2017, where I started to build a few static websites with bits of JavaScript.

Fast forward to 2019, I’m working for a digital agency, have contributed to a couple of projects, have a clearer idea of my path and I’m a much better developer than I was in the beginning, and I browse StackOverflow almost every single day! 😂