re: I have some bad habits that date back to my days making Geocities websites before CSS was much of a thing VIEW POST

re: I certainly don’t think he’s being ageist at all! He is just writing a quick pep post for people entering the industry who may not be very confiden...

I don't think Ben was being ageist.

But the succinctness of this article is basically summed up as "Juniors have a fresh perspective" ((I agree)) "and experienced devs have bad habits that can't be corrected".

Almost a "can't teach old dogs new tricks" and the article itself isn't ageist; but in an industry that is ageist, it feels incomplete to me. That's all.

Though on re-read I can see he's specifically talking about himself and the post is too short to go into detail or his opinion on any of the presented topics in depth, so my initial reaction is definitely overkill.

So I retroactively would rather say: I'd rather see a long form article on what you're feeling/discussing here because the short version is vague enough to have a weird message? Something like that. :)

Ah sorry, I misread “in an industry with ageism” as you saying the post was ageist. My bad! Agree that long form stuff on both sides would be really interesting.

Re: your other reply, Geocities and Angelfire were also where I got my very basic start as a teenager (and Expages too if that’s the third one you’re thinking of?) I sometimes think what my career would be like now had I stuck with it 🤔

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