re: I have some bad habits that date back to my days making Geocities websites before CSS was much of a thing VIEW POST


Also want to point something else out:

I'm with you on GeoCities (and AngelFire and ... there was one more I can't remember).

Got my start there too honestly and I was building out crappy websites for online RPGs I was playing. And that honestly got me started as a programmer. First with HTML for GeoCities, and then quick quickly into Perl to write my own chat system. I owe my career to those crappy RPG sites I made. :D

EDIT: waves to anyone who remembers RPG chats on WBS/NexusRP back in the day


I agree. Curious when someone will start talking about 'crappy React sites got me started into web dev in the 2010's'.

It's all going to be crap. Looking at React now looks shiny and cool. Looking at it with 2030's view is crap.


one more I can't remember

Lycos, perhaps? I think I made something on there.

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