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Discussion on: My top tips on technical writing after 9 years and 800+ posts

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Yan Cui Author

Hey Lou, that's great you are doing more experiments!

As for your question about finding the time - I think there are a couple of contributing factors:

  • I'm passionate about writing and sharing, so I just use my free time to write instead of doing other things (youtube, social media, etc.)
  • A lot of the articles stem from ideas & thoughts that have been brewing in my head for a while before I start writing, which makes them easier to put into words
  • I have gotten more proficient at writing in general over the years, so I have speed and efficiency

Also, I try to be economical with my efforts. I'd do talks based on things I write about and vice versa, and when I do experiments or put together demos, I'd write about them too. From these I gain new insights that I can leverage for my work. And from my work, I encounter new challenges and see patterns emerge, which gives me more ideas for things to write about and experiment on. All of which creates a virtuous cycle really.