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re: Awesome question! I think the question re-phrased might be "How do I show others and the broader community what value I can bring without speaking...

I can get with that. I ask because it seems like we're always telling juniors "You need to blog and speak as often as you can to have a career in software development", which may not be a good fit for everyone. I spoke at RailsConf a couple of times; rarely go to meetups and my LinkedIn blows up all the time. At some point, IMHO, it's more valuable to be excellent at your job than to be excellent talking about your job.

I'm not trying be that contrarian "ackshully..." brogrammer. I'm simply saying for those of us who view social media as The Black Plague 2.0, there are opportunities for us to shine (as you have shown above, so thanks for that).

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