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Discussion on: A Simple Hack to Supercharge Your Skills and Your Portfolio

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Denis • Edited on

Great article, thanks! But I still believe that it isn't bad to make big projects. If you are building, for example, a small web backend program, you are very little concerned about your code scalability and don't think much about the overall architecture of your app. But for a relatively big web backend app you're probably will be stuck in a self-repeating code and ineffective memory performance (like, allocating the same object lots of times instead making it sharable in the whole program), so you need to learn how to write scalable web apps and learn such things as DI, OOP patterns, etc. I mean, let's take for instance Express.js, you just write everything in little functions, will you be able to do the same in a big project? I don't think so. What do you think?

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Horace Nelson Author • Edited on

Thanks for the kind words, Denis.

I don't think big projects are bad. They're just not usually realistic. If you have the resolve to do a project the size of Express.js and actually finish it, then by all means go for it. Regardless, micro-projects remain the easiest/fastest way to build most skills and to strengthen your portfolio.