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Discussion on: Shorter Commutes πŸš— or Work from Home 🏑

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Fernando B πŸš€

I am a lucky one my commute is 20min to the office without getting on the freeway/motorway/perifΓ©rico and I still prefer work from home. We have citrix for logging in to the company's network and do our work. Really the only time I need to come in is when I have to physically work on servers.

Combination would be awesome perhaps, but honestly there's almost no one at the office that being alone in the building just feels wrong.

Problem for our company is that we have an 12 floor building. So if everyone is working from home I don't know what will happen to the building would have to be rented at some point. So combination wouldn't be an option.

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Sarthak Sharma Author

Yeah, empty office buildings sucks.