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Discussion on: 🦀 Rust Reviewed: Is the hype justified? 🦀

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Ian Pride • Edited

Nice read (for what I've read, I skimmed, coming back later)! I've written a couple of handfuls of mostly cross-platform CLIs in Rust in the last 6 months or so and I'm loving it. I don't do any web stuff (other than CURL), but otherwise my bins are lighting fast, comparable to Fortran (the only comparable language I'm fluent in, I know lots of languages intermediately) in some area for computation. Been playing with the PBR crate for my next little project.

Of course, I'm still green, so I don't have any deeper opinions of it yet. Oh, I do like closures.

This is my latest project if you're interested (please remember I'm still a NOOB lol):

Thanks for the read!

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Ken Snyder

Ian, what crates do you leverage when building CLI's? Also do you wrap the Rust code into a NPM package or something that is more portable or just stick to the raw binary compiled for various platforms? I'm brand new to Rust and thought maybe I'd try a CLI project to get started.

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Ian Pride

I just stick to raw binary and sometimes I'll release a .deb for Debian distros (and maybe an AppImage if needed for portable dependencies), but I code for myself, family, and friends so I don't do anything more extensive for releases. I'm not sure what you mean by "leverage", I try to stay minimal with external crates and just use whatever is needed for my small projects. I use the regex and recolored crates a bit and the rest all depends on the project.