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Ian Pride

A better title might be:

Shell: Echo

or maybe even more fitting:

GNU: Echo

As the echo command is a GNU Core utility and is used in any environment/operating system that uses the GNU Core Utilities, not just Linux.

Also, since this is for novice people you might want to explain ways that they can get this info themselves locally on their machines so they don't have to depend on a web browser; a couple of examples:

The manual pages (MAN):

man echo
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and (sometimes) -h, --help

echo --help
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Aakriti Author • Edited on

Well actually, you are right and thanks for the feedback.
What I am trying to create is a friendly man page with examples to work as a to-go place. The reason it is tabular is because we often have to go deep into an article skimming things to find what we are looking for. To solve this problem and save time, I created a table. Everything is in front of your eyes, skim and choose what you are looking for.