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Discussion on: Don't Configure Your Shell's Prompt

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Ian Pride

I'll probably always "waste time" customizing EVERYTHING, but this is pretty cool even from only a quick skim over so I'll be checking it out later this evening. I've used things like Powerline and one for Shell that I can't remember the name of at the moment, but I always end up changing back because all of my environments (my own core utilities packages, added security etc...) are always highly customized and interfere with what methods they use to create the prompt. No big deal for me as all of this is second nature to me and I can whip up fresh configs/script/bins in the matter of minutes if not seconds most of the time. So I'll probably set up a clean vm or profile or something and check this out in it, play with it and possibly build an installer for it in C++ probably.

Sorry for rambling, but this is interesting and I appreciate the share..