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Discussion on: Is C still a high level language?

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Mark West

When you want to work with objects, especially large objects, you often want to avoid moving the objects from one memory location to another as much as possible. This is where C and Cpp dominate, this is on the main reasons why significantly powerful applications can be run on relatively tiny hardware. This is especially true in video and vision applications, where one can, if skilled, map a network input buffer directly to GPU memory, skipping several memory moves altogether that a more abstract approach would require. In addition, highly performant apps often need to explicitly control when memory gets freed in order to avoid getting zapped by a gc getting busy at a random time. In addition, highly performant apps often reuse memory locations repeatedly rather than allocating and deallocating repeatedly. For reasons such as this, C and C++ are for many the highest level of abstraction which apply to the task at hand.