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Discussion on: Let's discuss coding workshops and why is it priced very high?

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Ian Jones

There's quite a few things that go into workshops. I've never given a workshop but I work with a lot of people that do.

If its a coding workshop:

  • creating the lessons on whatever content your teaching
  • creating exercises to reinforce the lessons taught
  • practicing the content beforehand
  • travel
  • renting the space that the workshop is in
  • logistics of accepting someones money

If someone is making a living off of workshops (i.e. Ryan Florance or Kent C. Dodds), they have to charge for all of these costs and then the rest of the ticket price is theirs to take home.

The other potential reason is that these workshop instructors are content experts. Learning from them gives your team knowledge to create better applications, which is worth a lot.

Just some thoughts :)

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Paramanantham Harrison Author

Really helpful answer especially from instructor point of view about rehearsal and creating content