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Discussion on: Supreme Court sides with Google over Oracle. Copying an API is fair use.

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Aayush Gupta

I think that it's (android) is rather moving towards a Kotlin only future. Considering the work they have been putting in Jetpack Compose which only supports Kotlin, this is apparent that Google is on its way to drop Java from android in the future. Not to mention there is also Flutter and Fuschia (cross-platform OS and language for android-specific pain replacement?) on which they have been working for quite a while.

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Rubirosa Santana

Flutter is the future.

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Sergiy Yevtushenko

Given that main codebase is still in Java, I dubth that Java disappear from Android any time soon. As a language Kotlin gives no sensible advandages over Java to justify transition of existing codebase. And court decision removed last business-related incentive to perform such a transition.