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Discussion on: Difference Between Development, Stage, And Production

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Jaroslav Suchý

Thanks for this article, I found there the environment names that I often read about in various articles.
In our team we have

  • dev
  • feature
  • hotfix
  • release
  • production

Where production is clear, release is a version for clients and testers like a copy of production with new things, hotfix is to test some fast fix in case we find something on production, that needs to be fixed fast, feature is to be able to publish for test some special feature, that needs to be tested on the server or by product manager before it goest to release (used rarely only if needed) and dev is for the developers, where they can try various things - from testing speed of the server, trying the migrations and so on. Or just as another host to publish work (for project manager) if all other hosts are already occupied.
So the names conventions are different, but the idea is similar. I was interested what the "stage" or "staging" means.. As I understand it is like the "release" of ours ;)

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Joshua Chinwendu

thanks for sharing