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What motivated you to start writing?
I got a lot out of reading other people's blogs, and I wanted to contribute in the same way

What motivates you to keep you writing?
Purely selfish reasons:

  • It helps me to focus my thoughts on a subject I care about
  • It gives me a chance to argue or expose the things I care about
  • I enjoy when other people seem to enjoy it

Do you still write the same sort of content that you wrote when you started?
Not really, I tend to do more abstract/persuasive and less tutorial type posts now.

Do you still enjoy it?

If you could give one piece of advice to your past self (about blogging ofc...), what would it be?
If you get posted to reddit or hackernews, don't let the nasty comments get you down. If you click through to the commenter's profile, you can often see a trail of mean/nasty comments. It's something wrong with them, not with you!

If you could give one piece of advice to others (also about blogging...), what would it be?
Find and engage with friendly, positive, helpful, and inspiring communities like Dev.to. Be the type of reader and commenter you want for your own posts.


Commenting on other's posts is something I think I need to do more. This site has made it easier to show appreciation but I think I could go further.

Fan girl moment. Thanks for the comment. Coding blocks is one of my favourite podcasts!! 😀😀

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