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re: On average me and guy next door have 2 kids, even though i dont have any. It is very flawed metric ;-)

Do you have preferred metrics to share? People have criticized things like the StackOverflow survey and State of JS results for bias but I'll gladly take several flawed metrics into consideration over no metrics. (And I hope that constructive criticisms will help make things better in the future)


If you want simple, median is equally easy to calculate but more useful.

And more advanced version of that, percentiles so that reader can try to assess his/her own ability to be average (median, p50), below average, or maybe super high on the scale like p95.

After all, people interested in their fields, educating themselves constantly (by reading dev.to, blogs, twitter, etc.), are usually far above average when it comes to skill/experience/being up to date.


I am glad that I was not the only one that thought all of these salaries seemed extremely low. I completely agree with what you said and believe that people who are passionate about what they do will be paid far more than people who simply show up for a paycheck, as they are more likely to do a better job and become technical badasses.

Being from poorer part of Europe, for me they are high.

But specific numbers aside, we agree :)

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