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re: Sounds like you missed the point of his post completely.

I don't think so, but of course you are free to your own opinion on that.

The main point is summed up nicely at the end:

"My main point is, to reiterate, that beginners need to read everything critically; research what you read and/or seek out clarification from other seeming experts."

To put it in my own words:
Authors need to be careful not to spread incorrect information, especially in beginner focused material. Readers need to consume with a healthy level of skepticism, and should validate with reputable sources.

I think this is good advice for everybody, about everything.


I disagree with the notion that dev.to needs gatekeepers deciding what content is appropriate for beginners. Some of the best interactions I've witnessed on dev.to arose because of an inaccuracy or difference in opinions that was hashed out in the comments.

If you're primarily interested in technical accuracy, then you should probably stick to reading source code and official documentation. If you're looking for community and constructive conversation: dev.to

The point I was trying to make with this particular comment was that dev.to already has some features for moderation that reflect the core values of the site. I think it's worth trying to understand the point of this community before trying to "fix" it.

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