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Front End is about setting up a layout of the webpage/site, giving it a beautiful look, and adding functionalities. Three things to do, three things to learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Vanilla). I suggest you to start working on the HTML (mainly div, a, form, table along with using of "class", "id" and "name" attributes), then move to CSS (basics and flexbox), then you should learn about writing frontend JS which basically regulates the functionality of DOM elements. After that, you should check out jQuery (must) esp. GET(), POST() and AJAX(). Once done with that you will have a proper base built up for your frontend learning. Then you should go to BootStrap. For starters, I can suggest you using WYSIWYG editors like BlueGriffon and Bootstrap Studio but remember these tools won't be as efficient as your hand-written code. Thanks.

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