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Anton Korzunov

Oof! That's a hot conversation here.
The problem with quality is not the quality of the post but the target audience

  • I am not interested in post for the beginners and they are low quality for me. Because that's all so obvious! I need hardcore stuff!
  • Some is not interested in hardcore as well, because... what is actually written here? Just a few have a talent to tell their stories in an easy to digest way. Others... write a low quality articles.

By keeping the bar high - you are making site better for seniors, but completely not friendly for juniors. I know a few sites who went this way (habr, reddit, hackernews), and result is not great.
By not doing it - you are doing completely the opposite. And here we are - I am able to see articles in a language not known to me at the main page.

As the result I am reading stuff from the people I follow, and just not opening the main page ever.
And from stats of my own stories I can clearly see that others does the same.

Frankly speaking - I've lost any hope to get any good reads via and writing something here mostly to explain some things to myself 🤷‍♂️

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Jen Miller

hmm you raise some valid points. I just happened to ask a bunch of my co-workers about DEV posts and a couple of them replied with a similar vibe: "isn't that just full of newbie JS articles?"

I think the DEV community treats beginners openly (which I think is good), so it's natural it will be a saturated with content tailored to beginners and FE developers.

Where do you find good reads?

I've lost all hope on twitter to find good reads...

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Anton Korzunov

First problem to solve is to find a good writer, as they produce a good read.
The second problem is that just a few good developers you can learn something from are good writers, or writing anything even if they can.
The third problem is youtube and online sources, luring so many authors to a different format of education...

In short - I am a lucky to find a good reads from time to time, but it's usually based on talking to people, and be given a good link to read during the conversation.

In this case your duty is to share a good read further. It will be forgotten if you (yes you, whoever read this sentence) do you best to spread it.

Just to reflect my own point - this is a few good reads (and one watch) I was given last month: