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Discussion on: Stop choosing DX over UX. Or maybe not?

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Anton Korzunov

Stop choosing DX over UX.

The problem exists because someone "started".
Before we value User(paying money to the business) and Business needs(paying us) over our own "developer happiness". There were a lot of solutions a little harder for developers, but providing amazing results and value to the end users.

Those solutions of the past, and their analogs of today are generally ignored by the developers due to many reasons.
And the "Bad DX" is one of them.

So, that's a classical Chicken/Egg problem. What do you think?

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stereobooster Author

Discussion went to abstract realm. I'm not sure I understand what you trying to say.

Classical example of "choosing DX over UX" is CSS-in-JS. It provides much better DX, than plain CSS, but worse UX, because any CSS-in-JS (with runtime) is slower than plain CSS.

And stop choosing DX over UX in this case would be to use CSS-in-JS without runtime, like vanilla-extract.