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Right now, my commute is a 5 minute drive or 8 minute bike ride.

But it hasn't always been like that. I used to commute from Whitby (a small town east of Toronto Canada) into Downtown Toronto. Every time I say this, people go "oh, that's not too bad, thousands of people do that everyday!" Which I agree with. From where I live, you have one of two ways to get there: drive or commuter train.

Driving is something like this: Driving the 401 is risky business or this: The g*dd*mn motherf*king 401.

The commuter train is slower than a sloth in a snowstorm. When you ride it, you think of bullet trains from around the world with either longing or disgust. The people that ride the train have had their soul removed, bit-by-bit, until there's nothing but a lazy zombie sitting in the chairs that are just a little too small. A drive that takes roughly 30 minutes without traffic and about a 3rd more distance takes 42 minutes to just under an hour - and that's just the train ride. You first need to get to the train by bike, bus or car; the latter makes you aggravated before you even get on the train. Then waiting in line to board the train, zombies listening to their music or reading the latest crap our local politician has done. Then climb aboard. If you get a seat, you're lucky - every once in a while a train that is missing 2 cars will show up and "standing room only" sounds roomy it's so packed. Then the slow crawl downtown.

The doors open! You've made it! Nope, not quite. Now you have to walk, take a subway, bus or streetcar to your destination. The lucky ones work within a few steps of a stop. Some have to walk an additional 10 minutes to get to their work. You put in your seven-to-eight hours (or more, if you're lucky enough to work at a startup on salary) and then hit the reverse commute.

All that stuff backwards, then once you get back to your "home" commuter train station, if you drove there, wait another 10-15 minutes just to get our of the parking lot.

All told I've spent as little as 2 hours a day commuting to as much as 4. Quality of life was non-existent. I've heard stories about commuters that come into NYC from multiple states away and think I would lose my mind doing the Toronto trips for years at a time, so I can only imagine what I'd do if I had the NYC commute.

Sorry. I needed to rant. :/ #canadian #sorry

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