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Discussion on: Dominating Web Development Trends 2021💥

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themeselection Author

Hello Ostap,

We put hours into research and writing such an article which is very basic and easy to understand for those whore new to the industry, I believe as an expert you express your thoughts but providing expression like this do not suit DEV users and please update it accordingly.

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Ostap Lisovyi • Edited

Dear @themeselection,
I had no intent to somehow dishonor the work you've put into this post, sorry if my words are seen as rude for you. But being an active reader of various blogs and resources (both nice and bad ones) I found this blog post a sort of copy of generic information which does not actually open any professional overview of actual trends for development community. Again, sorry for such critical overview but I will explain myself in more details:

  1. you've mentioned Cloud Technology - I mean, really? In terms of tech industry, "the cloud" has been since ALWAYS, why would it specifically be a trend for 2021? Name any industry which consumes web for the business and has not adopted "THE CLOUD" yet? you are consuming it implicitly without noticing
  2. 5G - how does this "trend" actually impact anyone directly from the web dev community? Did WiFi or 4g impacted the web development directly?
  3. Mixed Reality - please, name me at least one production ready AR/VR web experience out there? I know that Mozilla and Chrome teams heavily invest into this but it's all experimantal so far and no predicitoons from their side in regards to rolling out.
  4. Native Apps - how is this even related to web dev ?